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The Staff


Waithera Kinya is the Office Manager of the firm tasked with scheduling appointments, receiving clients and direct them appropriately, Human Resource Management, oversight and timely preparation of legal and court documents and supervision of the junior staff and enhancing good relationships with clients, suppliers, staff and other relevant parties that the firm deals with and in turn ensuring the smooth running of day to day business.


Onesmus has vast experience in litigation and commercial law and practice. He has an expansive working knowledge and understanding on the general trial practice at various levels of the judicial court system in Kenya ranging from Administrative Tribunals to the Court of Appeal on a wide range of civil cases, criminal cases, land cases, probate and succession.
Onesmus also has experience in general conveyancing practice, such as carrying out of official searches and due diligence steps, obtaining consents and clearances from the relevant Government, County and Local authorities, registration of transfer instruments, securities for banking and commercial transactions including charges, mortgages, debentures and chattels instruments and general commercial law. He has a vast knowledge of general commercial practice in Kenya which includes incorporation of companies, registration of business names, trademarks, copyrights and patents.

Susan Ndwiga is the Office Assistant in charge of general hospitality and care of the staff and clients.  Susan is also in charge of maintaining the bring-up system for office files and ensuring elaborate and effective filing system in the office.
Ngari is the firm’s driver with more than ten (10) years driving experience.  Other than driving, Ngari assists in the firm’s registry department.

About Us

We see ourselves as very much part of your business. Acting in partnership wth our clients, as opposed to detached lawyers sitting in an ivory tower, we take a commercial ,practical and holistic approach to legal issues. In order to serve our client's best interests we provide a level of contribution and involvement that..... +Read More

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